Lake Erie Fishing Report

Lake Erie Fishing Report
April 1, 2017
Lake Erie Vacations
April 7, 2017

After launching the “Erie Breeze” on friday I decided to take her out for a scouting trip with some friends.  I had heard of a jig bite starting to happen on the reef complexes and decided to try that area instead of Kelly’s Island.  The Kelly’s Island area was producing prespawn fish for the last few weeks.  It seemed to be one of the few areas with clean water and cooperating fish.  The jig bite information I had received was Round Reef and Locust Reef.  After making it past Catawba, several great marks showed up on the screen.  The marks were great but water clarity was terrible.  We attempted to fish in it for a little while but left in search of cleaner water.  A quick search of Clinton Reef showed clean water but no marks.  A move to G can area showed stained but fishable water with marks.  Similar to most everyone around us fishing proved difficult, jigging and casting crankbaits yielded no results for us.  Since we had a limited time frame to fish and looming storms were on the way, we packed it up and headed home.  The jigging bite has been hit or miss lately but should improve with warmer temps coming.  Good luck to all those fishing this week.

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