Lake Erie Fishing Charter Report

Lake Erie Fishing Charter
June 19, 2017
Lake Erie Fishing Charter
July 3, 2017
Lake Erie Steelhead

Lake Erie Steelhead

This is a Lake Erie fishing report from June 21st through June 24th out of Marblehead, OH 43440.  We started our four day stretch of Lake Erie Fishing Charters running our first Lake Erie Perch fishing charter of the season.  The clients were a family that booked with us last year during their vacation on Kelley’s Island.  They contacted us last minute but we were able to move our schedule around to make sure that we could fish together again.  I picked them up on Kelley’s Island and we began fishing just south of the island where some good marks showed up on the fish finder.  We managed to pick up a few nice Perch there but the bite was very slow.  We decided to move down closer to Lakeside and the fishing was slightly better.  We finished the day working the area looking for some active fish.  It was a nice day on the lake catching up with my friends from last year but the fishing was slow and weren’t able to produce limits of Yellow Perch.  Overall it was a great day and I look forward to next year fishing with this family as they have already planned a Lake Erie Walleye trip next time.

On Thursday June 22nd we had a Lake Erie Walleye Charter that was a rescheduled trip from a cancellation in May due to bad weather.  We started out fishing on the West side of Kelley’s Island and a client caught a keeper on the first cast.  I had thought that we were in an active school of a nice grade of fish; however the day didn’t turn out that way.  As we had left the channel in the morning the group made a couple of friendly bets on who would catch the most, the biggest, and any steelhead.  I had told the group they were crazy if they thought we would catch any steelhead today.  It turned out that I was the crazy one as one of the guys managed to hook and land a nice 20” Lake Erie Steelhead in twenty feet of water off the West Bay of Kelley’s.  The rest of the day was filled with short Walleye, Sheephead, Catfish and two other legal size Walleye.  It was a day filled with catching but not much cooler filling.  These clients like most of our groups are already talking about booking multiple trips next season.  They were great to fish with and fit the mold of the type of clients I prefer to fish with.

On June 23rd and June 24th I was part of a three boat group with another captain.  We left from his marina in Marblehead, OH and headed North East on both days fishing to the East side of Kelley’s.  The first day we fished about 3 miles North East of Kelley’s Island Shoal on day 1 but only managed a few keepers in the rainstorm and got tired of dealing with the commercial nets that are located there.  So we made a move about 2 miles to the South West where we managed to end our first day with 15 Walleye and a few Perch.  After the rain quit on day 1 it turned on as we started to have some pretty steady action.  We began day 2 in the same area we had finished the day before, the weather was much better but again we had to really search for Walleye that we could place in the cooler.  After a few moves we managed to find a school of fish that we could catch and a couple keepers each drift.  The action wasn’t hot and heavy by any means but we did manage 12 keepers and a few Lake Erie Yellow Perch to add in the cooler.  It was a good four days of spending time on the lake.

We hope to see you out there and good luck

Captain Jerod

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