Fishing News

  • Lake Erie Charter Fishing
    Lake Erie Fishing Charter
    With our launch date just over a month away we are looking forward to being back on Lake Erie.  The motor rebuild we talked about in […]
  • Ohio Duck guide
    Ohio Waterfowl Guide
    As I enter my fourth year in business I have decided to expand the business and live out a lifelong dream of becoming a hunting guide.  […]
  • Lake Erie Charter Fishing
    Lake Erie Fishing Charters
    As another Ohio winter storm approaches our winter projects have already begun for the upcoming charter season.  The Erie Breeze has been stored for the winter […]
  • Marblehead Walleye Charter
    Marblehead Fishing Charter
    Sept 30 We left the dock in Marblehead just before 8 am with some repeat clients and headed to the east, arriving at the Cedar Point […]
  • Lake Erie Walleye Charter
    Lake Erie Fishing Charter
    Sept 28 We welcomed new clients bright and early for a day of Lake Erie Charter fishing for a group of 5 brothers and their dad.  […]
  • Charters on Lake Erie
    Marblehead Fishing Charter
    Sept 23 At the heels of another high wind day created by yet another Hurricane, we headed east from Marblehead to our most fished spot of […]
  • Marblehead Ohio Walleye Charter
    Lake Erie Charter
    Sept 16 We had a Lake Erie Yellow Perch trip scheduled for some repeat clients, but once again with the Perch fishing being very inconsistent I […]
  • Lake Erie Fishing Charter
    Sept 14 The plan for this bachelor party was to do a half day Perch charter, with dismal Yellow Perch fishing going on in the western […]
  • Marblehead Ohio Walleye Charter
    Marblehead Walleye Fishing Charter
    Sept 1 The rest of the month of August brought a few difficult days of Perch fishing with some less than ideal results.  With the waters […]
  • Marblehead Ohio Walleye Fishing Charter
    Marblehead Walleye Fishing Charter
    August 4th Today’s group is a mix of repeat clients from last season, most of the group fished with me on a July Lake Erie Walleye […]
  • Lake Erie Yellow Perch Charter
    August 3rd Late in the afternoon of Thursday I received a call from a new client looking for a last minute Lake Erie Charter.  Usually we […]
  • Lake Erie Yellow Perch Charter
    July 29th Leaving the dock around 8 am after a night of work, with a near perfect day forecasted for the Marblehead area, we set a […]
  • Lake Erie Perch Fishing Charter
    July 27th The group for the day is another repeat from last season, Don and Roger brought their two grandsons last year for a Lake Erie […]
  • Lake Erie Walleye Charter
    July 26th With another new client on board we untied from the dock and headed east from Marblehead with the plan to troll for Lake Erie […]
  • Lake Erie Perch Charter
    July 25th With a last minute cancellation due to one of our great clients suffering a stroke we had an opening come up last minute.  We […]
  • Lake Erie Walleye Charter
    July 11th The group for today is another repeat client; Luckystone Promotions is the company that makes all of our apparel for the business and she […]
  • Marblehead fishing Charters
    Marblehead Walleye Fishing Charter
    July 18th Another windy day forecasted with strong winds in the morning out of the North East but calming throughout the day.  Again we had another […]
  • Ohio Walleye Fishing Charter
    Marblead Ohio Walleye Fishing Charter
    July 17th Leaving the dock with some strong winds in our face coming from the North West we put the bow into them and headed for […]
  • Lake Erie Perch Charters
    Lake Erie Yellow Perch Charter
    July 16 With some new clients on board the “Erie Breeze” we set a course northwest from Marblehead, Ohio on our first Yellow Perch trip of […]
  • Walleye Charter on Lake Erie Ohio
    Lake Erie Walleye Charter
    July 15th We left the dock in Marblehead at 8 am since I had to work at the firehouse the night before; the forecast for the […]